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What is Traffic Survival School?

Traffic Survival School is a form of education for drivers who have had a run in with the law in Arizona for a variety of different reasons, such as:

1. If a driver encountered a red light violation and paid the fine. 

2. If a driver has been found guilty of a DUI.

​3. If a driver has amassed anywhere from 8 points or more on their driving record or driving license.

4. If a driver has been involved in a serious accident resulting in a serious injury or death.

5. If a driver has been involved in a road rage incident.

6. If a driver has been found guilty of drag racing or criminal speeding. 

Arizona State Law allows for a driver to have 60 days to complete a Traffic Survival School course. Failure to complete the course may result in a suspended license and even higher fines. ​Traffic Survival School is required and necessary to avoid getting a suspended drivers license.

Traffic Survival School is an eight hour course THAT IS NOT OFFERED ONLINE in the State of Arizona.

Lastly, Traffic Survival School is required for individuals who are under the age of 18 and receive a violation of any kind. 

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